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I had found such a good deal for under a dollar and I had a coupon for a dollar. However, I started having problems with the cashier who could not do anything for me. I had called for a manager and I felt humil…

27 April

I had put in all the necessary paperwork into Shopko, but for some reason, I was not able to do anything about their inability to rehire me again after my surgery. I did not give them a date on when I could return before I got surgery and quit my job, but I filed everyt…

22 April

I had returned to work back at Shopko after going on some sort of medical leave and I was given the entire barrage of paperwork even though I had worked there before. Here's the problem, the leadership in the store was out of place since the manager resigned and it seem…

16 April

I am so mad at my son's manager at Shopko because it is almost as if that he is getting picked on for even being there and working there in the first place. He had a very important appointment and he was more than willing to call someone up to be able to take up his shi…

20 March

This is not my first time buying sports cards from Shopko and I think that there is something seriously wrong with the cards that they sell. When I opened my box of sports cards from them I found them to have the appearance of previously used cards and I did not like th…

08 March

I felt so bad about the services at Shopko because they did not treat my family's purchase with any respect. We had gotten a good deal off of a discount from them but they had sent us the wrong item. Now we hav…

21 February

I was just asking where the pizzas were and the cashier just snapped at me and told me she doesn't know and they don't pizzas, I was so annoyed at her attitude and the other cashier did not back me up. I saw an advertisement inside the Shopko store for discounted soft d…

09 February

I tried looking for an item from Shopko and I could not find the item stocked so I decided to order it from the Shopko, when I was given the option to choose where I would get I chose the prior location I had visited. I presented them with a coupon, but they said they w…

26 January


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