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700 Pilgrim Way
Green Bay
United States - 54304

This is not my first time buying sports cards from Shopko and I think that there is something seriously wrong with the cards that they sell. When I opened my box of sports cards from them I found them to have the appearance of previously used cards and I did not like th…

08 March

I felt so bad about the services at Shopko because they did not treat my family's purchase with any respect. We had gotten a good deal off of a discount from them but they had sent us the wrong item. Now we hav…

21 February

I was just asking where the pizzas were and the cashier just snapped at me and told me she doesn't know and they don't pizzas, I was so annoyed at her attitude and the other cashier did not back me up. I saw an advertisement inside the Shopko store for discounted soft d…

09 February

I tried looking for an item from Shopko and I could not find the item stocked so I decided to order it from the Shopko, when I was given the option to choose where I would get I chose the prior location I had visited. I presented them with a coupon, but they said they w…

26 January


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