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Name: SkinTek, Inc.

I cannot believe the nerve of some companies nowadays, that after you have purchased one product from them, they will use this as an excuse to use your credit card information and enrol you into an automatic de…

21 March

I am beyond annoyed at the way SkinTek has been treating my account with them. I had just ordered one thing from them and I was charged for this plus an extra amount. Apparently, I was enrolled into something t…

08 March

Companies that charge you for no reason have always annoyed me and SkinTek is one of these companies that do that. I opted for an upgrade and it cost me a lot of money. After that they started taking money out …

22 February

I just want to tell everybody not to buy from a company called SkinTek because the mole removal cream that I bought from them does not work. First of all, I was observing my mole and found that nothing was happ…

09 February

SkinTek has been sending me items that I do not even order time and time again. I have had to constantly decline these packages and request that they stop sending me anything more from any of their lines. This has been going on for so long and I have had unauthorized ch…

29 January


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