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My husband and I ordered from Sleep Number and for some reason after numerous phone calls and talks with customer service, we finally got our product from them in a month. That night we got to assembling our Sl…

04 April

I had specifically told the person that was handling my purchase at Sleep Number that I needed a firm mattress and I was informed me that I could just raise the numbers to make the mattress firm. However, this …

15 March

I was very livid with a particular driver from Sleep Number with the way they had entered my property and his overall attitude and demeanor towards me. The delivery team had damaged some parts of my property du…

05 March

I have problems when I sleep and I really need a bed that can remain firm even though I am asleep. The bed that I got from Sleep Number was absolutely useless at doing this for me and as a result I have been so…

19 February

We were at a Sleep Number looking to buy one of those excellent mattresses that have been advertised. However, we soon had the surprise of a lifetime when we picked up the remotes, and they were soon snatched by this employee who thought we were to play with them. I mea…

06 February

Sleep Number provided us such good service when we were at the physical store, sure, and we were definitely satisfied. They told us that we would get our bed come the next month, and that the arrangements on th…

24 January


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