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Two weeks ago I did not request for a haircut at SmartStyle, but my hair was cut anyway and this really annoyed me. This week I had brought in a photograph of the shade that I wanted my hair to be colored but f…

03 April

I am very annoyed that I had to download an app on my computer in order to find out that it did not have an appointments feature. You see, my stylist has changed location to another SmartStyle establishment and…

15 March

It is not my first time to get a waxing procedure done by SmartStyle but the location I went to was not the very best and there was a stylist who had blistered my lip. I have already emailed SmartStyle about a refund but they still have not given me any favorable respon…

05 March

I had initially gone into a SmartStyle establishment in order to get my hair to a particular color but instead I left with a bald spot in the middle of my head. I do not know why anybody told me. I also did not want my hair cut and yet its been cut. Guess what? The colo…

19 February

I got myself into a SmartStyle in order to get a perm for my hair and I even asked the manager if it was alright for my hair to be permed to begin with. She assured me that it was alright, but the thing is it didn't seem to be so because they burnt my hair! It was so bu…

06 February

I went to SmartStyle with a friend who was paying a little over fifty bucks to get her roots done but then the hair stylist literally only colored the top roots. She did not even bother coloring the under of the hair, so what did my friend pay so much for? I mean, why i…

23 January


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