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Name: Snap Fitness, Inc.
2411 Galpin Ct., Suite 110
United States - 55317

I think there were severe communication issues with the staff members and I with dealing with my membership at Snap Fitness. I cancelled my membership after two days and all I wanted was my money back so that I could use it to enroll in another Snap Fitness establishmen…

04 April

I joined Snap Fitness in order to improve my overall health, but unfortunately I had to stop going for awhile because of a medical condition that I had. When I was able to finally to recover I had approached on…

15 March

Some companies are just in the business to make money instead of offer their current, or in my case, former, customers any benefit. I had most recently cancelled my membership with Snap Fitness and they still c…

05 March

Snap Fitness is one of the worse places to go to if you plan on cancelling your membership abruptly. I have already spent so much money with them trying to get my membership cancelled but it has not turned out …

19 February

I would not advise anybody to go to Snap Fitness because it is a disgusting place. I do not get why there has to be cameras everywhere, even in the changing rooms. How about if you wanted to get naked? Wouldn't they just easily leak your video online. There are even cam…

06 February

I have been Snap Fitness member for quite awhile now, but I feel like there is something seriously fishy going on at one of your locations. There seems to be a misappropriation of funds because I noticed that m…

24 January


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