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Name: So Curvy Body Boutique, Inc
PO Box 451128
United States - 77245

I am a little annoyed at So Curvy Body because they still have not been able to send me the orders that I have purchased. What annoys me as well is that when I tried reaching out to their customer service they …

21 March

I ordered one of these hot items off of So Curvy Body and I had already made the purchase since money was already taken from my account. I thought that they would be sending me the product that I was waiting fo…

08 March

I am annoyed at So Curvy Body because they sell you a product that does not even work and when you complain about it on their social media profiles they will in turn block you. I f they are so confident about their defective product then they should not block you on eit…

23 February

I put out an order on So Curvy Body for a couple of items and I was really expecting to receive them at the soonest. Unfortunately, this was not the case because even though my transactions in my statement said…

09 February

I bought some inner wear from So Curvy Body and I still have not received the order. I do not know who to call about this mishap because here's the other thing that happened. Even if I was not able to get my order So Curvy Body still charged my debit card four times for…

29 January


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