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Name: Sonic Drive-In
300 Johnny Bench Dr
Oklahoma City
United States - 73104

The first thing that you will have to know about customer service is that it exists in order to make sure that you provide a good product for your customer. The problem is that the manager at Sonic Drive-In was…

06 April

I do not know how hard it is to make sure that you prepare food properly especially when the establishment specializes in food! How many times do I have to request that sauce be added to my food only to have So…

16 March

I really love the service that I get from Sonic Drive-In because it is such a nice place and the employees are always considerate and willing to help out in anyways that they can. What annoys me is that I initi…

05 March

I just want to let you know that the Sonic Drive-In has been employing the services of a minor without the explicit permission of the parent. This has been extremely detrimental to the development of the minor …

19 February

An employee of Sonic Drive-In blamed me for botching up the order that she was taking from me and to add to all of this she was at fault through this. She did not even once try to read the order back to me to confirm if it was my order. When I got the food from Sonic Dr…

06 February

I hope Sonic Drive-In management or the head office takes this seriously because I have a coworker who has been selling drugs during out shift. I have seen it myself and even though I had reported it to our in-…

24 January


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