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Name: Sono Bello Body Contour Centers
Mobile: +1 425 202 1204
1750 Howe Ave Ste 500
United States - 95825

If I were you, I would not fall for the sales talk over at Sono Bello because the treatments that they have are not working and when I tried to inform them that I would not be coming back they tried their best to make me go back. Look, I do not want to give them my mone…

3 d

I got into an accident and had broken my foot so I decided to call up Sono Bello to let them know that I would be unable to do anything with the procedure since I immobilized at home. Instead of getting some so…

04 April

I am so annoyed at Sono Bello because they refused to do anything about a refund that I really needed. They had insisted that I take out credit instead. The problem is I did not know that I would be in a dire f…

15 March

I have recently gotten some work done on my face undergoing surgery from the people at Sono Bello and it was such a distressful recovery afterwards. Initially, I had thought that I was not healing well, but the…

05 March

I waste so much money at  Sono Bello for services that I cannot even utilize because they wrecked my body. I demanded to talk a doctor from Sono Bello but there were so many hurdles in getting me to speak to one immediately. I was so annoyed, I was then told that in ord…

19 February

The liposuction performed on me by Sono Bello is amongst the worst things that has ever happened to my body. It was a completely botched procedure and I do not understand how Sono Bello is still allowed to operate on its patients. I have checked and they have so many co…

06 February

I availed of what they advertised to be the Sono Bello affordable liposuction, and I do not feel at all satisfied by what happened next. I should look better than I currently do, but this abdominal procedure do…

24 January


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