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I cannot believe that someone would open my luggage and steal one item from my personal effects. I thought I was going to have a chill flight with South African Airways, but this was the contrary when I had got…

08 March

I feel like I do not want to fly with South African Airways because of all the trouble that they had caused us during our flight. We tried to preselect our seats which came at an additional price that we did no…

21 February

I find that South African Airways discriminates against other passengers because of the way they treated my fiance or our international flight. They started causing a scene because he had his laptop in his backpack, although a lot of people were going through even thoug…

08 February

We have been traveling consistently with South African Airways and there were a few good flights out of the many that we took. However, there was this one long flight where the entertainment system was not work…

26 January


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