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Name: Speedway LLC
250 Beronia Dr.
United States - 45505

I met a friend of mine while I was at a Speedway and my friend insisted on talking to me for quite some time. Needless to say, I was a little annoyed. However, this was not anybody's problem, but mine. The mana…

20 March

People who are given employment in the front line of any business should be given a warning that they should be willing to be nice and pleasant towards their customers. One of the people manning the check out at Speedway was giving me attitude from the moment I got up t…

08 March

I love Speedway and I have had lots of fun there with their great employees and wonderful services. However, there is this one particular employee who just wrecks the experience for everyone that goes there. Sh…

21 February

I worked at a Speedway and I found my manager to be one of the most rudest and inconsiderate people that I have ever worked under. In fact, it reached a point where the manager had to do something and called me…

08 February

I had dropped by Speedway but I will never go back because of the woman who handles the cashier. The entire time we had already formed a queue but she went on and on chatting and joking around with her coworker…

26 January


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