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I think that bookings are there for a reason, especially if we are talking about long distance transportation via air travel. I did not appreciate the fact that I had booked my self two seats on Spirit Airlines…

03 May

During the catastrophe in Florida, Spirit Airlines offered us two options if we were flying into the area. It was either we try to get our tickets booked again or get a refund. There was a call from the governor to evacuate the area at this point, too. It irked me out t…

30 April

I was initially expecting that Spirit Airlines would give me a full refund for everything that I have spent on them since due to the hurricane all flights were grounded. I do not feel like I was given any due p…

19 April

I want Spirit Airlines to know that I am extremely irate and livid at everything they have been doing to their customers for the last couple of years. It seems as if every complaint that you send them just gets…

04 April

I am really angry at how Spirit Airlines still reuses to give us as refund after we had to cancel our holiday due the destruction that was brought about the recent hurricane. What really surprised me about this…

15 March

I am very annoyed with one of the customer service representatives from Spirit Airlines because he had refused to give me any information about a refund issue that I was trying to contest. My dear husband had g…

01 March

I am absolutely livid at the way Spirit Airlines handled my problem with them, I was trying to bring in some luggage that was supposed to be a part of my carry on but the crew insisted that it was too big even …

16 February

I was really stuck in heavy traffic before my flight to PHL and I thought that I had made it in good time because I got to my flight a quarter of an hour before it would have departed. The only problem is that the attendant at the gate from Spirit Airlines just seemed t…

06 February

I do not understand how Spirit Airlines has the nerve to cancel my booking and reschedule  it. At this point I would rather go on sea that ride with Spirit Airlines ever again. There was blatant disregard to in…

22 January


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