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I get an error when I try to do Spotify payment with different credit cards. How many days do I have to deal with it? Although I do write the problem to the customer service, they can not find a solution.

06 May

I bought a premium account, but it was twice a withdrawal. The receipt was sent by e-mail. I demand a refund. The payment slip is attached. Thank you for your interest.

11 April

We had a family membership for about 3 years. the clearance was paid regularly from a card belonging to Ziraat bank. I received an e-mail on March 8th saying that the payment couldn't received. I tried to pay f…

20 March

my bill day was on 4th of the month but there were no money in my card so they didnt withdraw money from my card. One day ago I have deposited money to my card and they still didnt withdraw money from me. I have tried to pay but I cannot. can you make my payment? I can …

04 March

I paid 13,99 try on December 10 2017 for premium with Vodafone. I cancelled premium use today. I received a sms about that, it says; "You can use premium until March 10 2018. Payment for february is completed. " But I saw a few minutes ago, ı am using Spotify Free.

11 February

I tried to buy a Spotify premium account for students but I couldn't send my file, then I gave up. A few minutes later I noticed that there is less money on my credit card balance than before. Please give my money back

22 December 2017

My membership has ended for Spotify Premium. I saw student discount while I was looking through the options. I gave my credit card informati…

28 August 2017

I saw the student discount, which is worth 6,99 TL, while I was looking at the options and my Premium membership was ended. I entered my cre…

20 August 2017

6,99 TL was withdrawn from my bank account for student membership. I gave all the documents, which they asked, but I couldn't prove that I'm student. I wanted my money back when they didn't make my account Premium. They told that my money wasn't transferred to them and …

18 August 2017

Spotify renewed my membership automatically and I realised it in that day and canceled it, but they didn't refund my money. I looked at the website, but I couldn't find any information about this. They have no e-mail address and I called customer services but they direc…

18 August 2017


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