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We had a family membership for about 3 years. the clearance was paid regularly from a card belonging to Ziraat bank. I received an e-mail on March 8th saying that the payment couldn't received. I tried to pay f…

2 d

my bill day was on 4th of the month but there were no money in my card so they didnt withdraw money from my card. One day ago I have deposited money to my card and they still didnt withdraw money from me. I have tried to pay but I cannot. can you make my payment? I can …

04 March

I paid 13,99 try on December 10 2017 for premium with Vodafone. I cancelled premium use today. I received a sms about that, it says; "You can use premium until March 10 2018. Payment for february is completed. " But I saw a few minutes ago, ı am using Spotify Free.

11 February

I tried to buy a Spotify premium account for students but I couldn't send my file, then I gave up. A few minutes later I noticed that there is less money on my credit card balance than before. Please give my money back

22 December 2017

My membership has ended for Spotify Premium. I saw student discount while I was looking through the options. I gave my credit card informati…

28 August 2017

I saw the student discount, which is worth 6,99 TL, while I was looking at the options and my Premium membership was ended. I entered my cre…

20 August 2017

6,99 TL was withdrawn from my bank account for student membership. I gave all the documents, which they asked, but I couldn't prove that I'm student. I wanted my money back when they didn't make my account Premium. They told that my money wasn't transferred to them and …

18 August 2017

Spotify renewed my membership automatically and I realised it in that day and canceled it, but they didn't refund my money. I looked at the website, but I couldn't find any information about this. They have no e-mail address and I called customer services but they direc…

18 August 2017

I sign up for Spotify Premium Student Account. They didn't make my account Premium although, payment was withdrawn. What a shame.

18 August 2017

I subscribed to Spotify Premium because it was 1 Turkish Lira a month back then but now it's 14 liras per month and I can't cancel the subscription.

18 July 2017


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