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Name: Sprint Corporation
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Carol Stream
United States - 60197-4191

I find that the communication services that Sprint is currently providing to its customers are not good enough. The mobile service that I am having keeps dropping out and I feel as if their connection quality is just terrible. I even live within the radius of a communic…

14 May

I am very annoyed at Sprint because I felt like I did not get the treatment that I deserved from them after being a customer for almost two decades. I decided to upgrade my phone to the latest iPhone, but for some reason, they sent me a phone with less memory. I tried t…

05 May

Sprint made a huge mistake in billing me for the services that they have provided for me. I feel as if they could have done better in their accounting department because there is a discrepancy of almost a thousand dollars. What really irks me out is the fact that they d…

26 April

I am so annoyed at the fact that Sprint just took my money out of nowhere and did not even give me a final bill. I have tried to contact the customer service desk over at Sprint but nobody seems to be helpful. I do not know how and why they can just take more than a tho…

17 April

I do not like companies that will do anything to keep you on a confusing to loop to make sure they can try to milk you for every dollar that you have. I have been a customer of  Sprint for more than two decades…

28 March

I was with another carrier for quite a long time until I decided that it might be good to try out Sprint for a while. It was probably the worst decision I could have ever made for my phone plan because Sprint i…

14 March

I have absolutely had it with the people over at Sprint and that is why I am choosing to go with another carrier altogether that can cater to my needs better than Sprint could ever do. This has become such a ha…

28 February

I had such a simple request, but it needed special authority so I tried to contact a Sprint customer service representative which led me to an offshore call center. The person behind the phone tried to help me out and transferred me to another division, but the thing is…

15 February

I decided to take advantage of the Black Friday weekend and check if Sprint had deals on a new phone. I found one and they told me I could have it asap, I did not opt for that because I was travelling the next day. I decided just to plan for a pickup in another Sprint l…

01 February

I ordered phones from Sprint that never got to me because they suddenly became unavailable, to make matters worse the Sprint service was unavailable where I live in and this is a pain because I had to to cancel my orders. After quite some time I still have not received …

18 January


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