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Name: Starz Entertainment LLC
8900 Liberty Circle
United States - 80112

I have both tried and failed to contact Starz Entertainment with regard to an explanation as to why I have been charge three times for the same subscription even though I used to be only charged once per billin…

20 March

You know what I do not get about companies nowadays? I do not get why they would be willing to take your money in a snap but when it comes to getting a refund they would make you wait for a month just for an em…

08 March

I do not get why Starz Entertainment would charge for a free offer that they had advertised. This is misleading because after two days they had already charged my credit card. I am annoyed because this free off…

21 February

I have already paid for my subscription to Starz Entertainment and yet I still cannot log into my account due to numerous problems and things along the way. I cannot log in so that means I am currently paying f…

08 February

Starz Entertainment LLC just took my money without me knowing. I never said yes to anything I had to pay for and I merely subscribed to what was supposedly a free trial. They charged me for an entire 30 days an…

26 January


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