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Name: Stein Mart, Inc.
1200 Riverplace Blvd.
United States - 32207

I was really thrilled about all the discounts that were available on Stein Mart on one weekend that I decided to purchase the jacket I have always wanted. I got on the computer and started ordering, when I put …

20 March

I saw such a great offer on the Stein Mart so I decided to make the decision to purchase it. However, a few days later I saw the same thing at a lower price due to an offer so I immediately contacted customer s…

08 March

I was so annoyed at Stein Mart's manager because she did not seem to even care about us or give us any consideration. It was so annoying to deal with her because she told us the free item was attached to our ba…

22 February

I called up the customer service desk of Stein Mart to tell them about a complaint that I have been having but the supervisor told me that they could do nothing about this which really irritated me to no end. t…

09 February

I was at one of the Stein Mart locations when I tried paying partly with cash and the rest with my credit card. However, I did not know that this was not allowed in this establishment. The assistant manager was then present and for some reason should started telling a c…

29 January


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