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Name: Suddenlink Communications
520 Maryville Centre Dr., Ste. 300
Saint Louis
United States - MO63141-5820

I used to be a customer of the Suddenlink Communications Company until I had my account cancelled and moved to another state. Recently I discovered that they have been trying to bill for something that I did no…

19 March

I do not know why the customer service representatives over at Suddenlink Communications do not have any information as to why the company has raised it rates. Look I am a reasonable person and if they feel lik…

08 March

I cannot believe that Suddenlink Communications could even tell me that I should complain to the major network because of the audio problems on these particular channels. I think that this is their fault not th…

21 February

Suddenlink Communications does not provide a good service no matter if you upgrade your plan. The problem is not really the speed because the speed is quite fair, not as fast as what we pay for, but it is relat…

08 February

I got in touch with Suddenlink Communications' client care and the representative I spoke with had no idea what was going on. I explained that I was not capable of handling the nearly three hundred dollar charg…

26 January


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