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Name: Sunoco
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United States - 19103-7583

I was a little annoyed that the beverage that I had purchased from Sunoco was already expired. It has such a funny taste to it so I decided to check the expiry date and it turns out it was already expired. I went back to Sunoco and I told them about this and they did no…

12 March

I have always been a great customer of Sunoco's and I have always been so happy every time that I passed next to one and I was in need of gas. However lately, my experience with Sunoco was not at all that great because they did not seem to have charged me correctly for …

27 February

I am very livid with the Sunoco employee that tried to help me at the gas pump today, it almost felt as if he did not care about my plight at all. The gas pump was not working and I wondered why a sign had not been put up. It charged me about three bucks and I asked thi…

14 February

The employee that was working the late shift at a particular Sunoco was really rude to me one time and I was really surprised at all the cursing that ensued from his end. He was insisting that I purchase something so that he could open the register, but I knew that I co…

31 January

All right, so let us get this straight: what is happening to all my rewards every single time I buy gas? Why do they keep being taken away from me although the price of the gas remains the same? Each and every time I try to ask the attendants or reps they keep telling m…

17 January


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