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I do not appreciate the service that I have been receiving from SunTrust Banks and I feel as if they want to just use to get fees out of you. I do not like this at all and I feel as if they are trying to milk m…

05 May

I think the developers of the SunTrust Banks application should get together and check out what is wrong with their mobile application because it was not working for me the other day and this caused me so many …

27 April

I have been surprised at the lack of cooperation over at SunTrust Banks and the waiving of their overdraft fee. It has come to the attention of banks in the area that due to the calamities, they will be waiving their fees. However, this is not the same on the end of Sun…

17 April

I was horribly perplexed and shocked at my experience with SunTrust Banks because it seemed as if they still wanted me to pay seven dollars for cashing a check that was issued by their bank. My husband still ha…

29 March

I was very annoyed when I found out that SunTrust Banks was attempting to repossess my vehicle instead of my neighbor's. This resulted in a failure on their end and they ended up dropping my vehicle and speedin…

14 March

I know that customer service can be such a hard thing to provide but it does not excuse anyone from having the same equal service for everything that they do when they transact with SunTrust Banks. The teller t…

28 February

I am so annoyed at  SunTrust Banks because they have so many people that work there and they deal with so many customers that for some reason that when I try to get a check verified I spend more than half an ho…

15 February

I do not appreciate the way SunTrust Banks treats the time of their customers. I recently tried to access one of their drive in locations to do a little spot of banking because I knew they would close at 4 pm. I arrived at 3.57 pm and realized that the closed sign was a…

01 February

I got a check from Sun Trust and I tried to get it cashed at the soonest because I needed the money. I was going to deposit it. I'm not a customer of their bank and when the bank called the one who wrote the ch…

19 January


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