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Name: Super 8 Worldwide, Inc.
22 Sylvan Way
New Jersey
United States - 07054

I stayed at a Super 8 Worldwide that had a number of bedbugs on the bed. I had to receive specialized medical treatment as a result and this really annoyed me because it was expensive. I was assured by the mana…

11 April

I want to know what's wrong with Super 8 Worldwide because there is this location where everything seems to be terrible. One time when I stayed there I found dirt and semen on the towels, in order to compensate…

19 March

I cannot believe that the people over at Super 8 Worldwide charged my credit card two times even though the person that I was talking to was never personally authorized by me to charge me for a second time. Rig…

06 March

The Super 8 Worldwide hotel that we stayed at gave us such a bad time during our holiday because the man at the front desk did not really understand the English language and ended up charging us twice causing massive overdraft fees. To add to this, the ice machine was l…

20 February

The front desk of Super 8 Worldwide is one of the most rudest people that I have ever met. We had an altercation and she stared down at me and harassed me while I was waiting for my shuttle. This has been the m…

07 February

Super 8 Worldwide should start training its customer representatives not to be rude to their customers. I have recent tried to book something through a Super 8 Worldwide representative and he tried pushing me to get a rebate program that I did not even want. This is rea…

25 January


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