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Someone opened an account using my photos and sends inappropriate messages. I re…

07 September 2017

Someone opened a fake account by using my name. I would be pleased if you disable it urgently, account's name is M** B** Y**.

14 August 2017

Someone opened an account by using my photos without my knowledge. I request you to disable this account urgently.

14 August 2017

I've disabled my swarm account, but someone is using it. Swarm has to do something about it. I want to disable this account, please help me about it. Swarm account name: E.C.

04 August 2017

Someone opened 2 fake accounts by using my name, please disable these 2 fake accounts. They're using my photos. Their user name: I.G.

03 August 2017

Swarm should do something about the fake accounts made with using my photos. I want to shut down this account, please help me.

18 July 2017

Fake profile named İ** A** is harassing people using my telephone number. I will take this matter to the courthouse.

05 July 2017

Someone created a fake account using my name but Swarm is not helping at all about this.

27 June 2017

There's a fake account on Swarm which has been using my name, surname and photos. I've tried every way to shut it down. Please shut down the account named N*** K** from Ankara.

17 May 2017

Photos from my Swarm account are being shared on other websites under my name. One of them is http://tr. Socialll.net/gultekin-cilenger-126584520 I've e-mailed Swarm about this last week but nevertheless no one…

09 May 2017


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