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Name: Swiss International Air Lines Ltd.
P.O. Box 2013
Switzerland - 8032

I made complaint about Swiss Airlines and it's code is: 1609-lx-06013-f002. They told that they're going to refund my damaged baggage's fee for months, but they didn't refund since September. I request you to d…

16 February 2017

Our annual leaves are cancelled because of July 15 coup attempt and they put international travel ban. Me and my spouse had to change our vacation plan because of ban. Hotels accepted our cancellation and refun…

21 July 2016

They didn't refund my ticket's fee, which I canceled on January 12, 2016. They told that accounting system was managed by Swiss, when I called them and they could refund in a short time. This can't be an excuse…

05 May 2016

I didn't see complaints about Swiss Airlines and I bought a ticket from them without questioning. They didn't inform me about cancellation/return until I bought the ticket. When you accepted the terms and they …

21 November 2014

I cancelled my ticket via phone and they told that they're going to refund my money and told that it could take 3-4 weeks. I complained about them, and they told that I should fill in a form through internet and I could wait 6-8 weeks. I think that, Istanbul branch is i…

18 September 2013

I flew to Zurich from Frankfurt and came Turkey from there, but my baggage wasn't arrived to Turkey. More than one week passed. What can I do?

06 July 2013


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