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I know that sometimes customer relations can get boring especially if you work in a fast food joint. You have to deal with a lot of people and sometimes you have to keep things interesting. However, I do not ap…

28 April

I am wondering if Taco Bell has any standards for the customers that come in through their doors or if they let anyone just come in even if they are freeloaders. I do not like this at all and I feel as if something seriously has to be done about these incidents over at …

22 April

We do not like the fact that we had specifically asked for beef to be substituted for beans, but we still were disrespected and given beef instead. We do not eat beef for very personal reasons and we felt very offended that the staff would not try their best to follow t…

14 April

I was so exhausted the other night that I had decided to use the Taco Bell drive through to get a quick bite to eat. What annoys me is that I was trying to correct the woman on the speaker, but I was just cut off, she stated that she got the order. I got to the window a…

19 March

I do not like complaining and I always try my best to be a good customer and person in general. I also do not want any of the staff members at Taco Bell to get in trouble. I have always been such a loyal patron…

06 March

I cannot believe how people at this particular Taco Bell location can keep getting my order wrong when it is so simple. I am not even trying to be funny here but every time I happen to visit this particular Tac…

20 February

We love Taco Bell and we usually frequent it for quick food and tacos every now and then. There is this particular Taco Bell that has been getting on our nerves lately and as of not we have decided not to go to it any longer. It has been really cold outside lately and t…

08 February

I bought burritos from Taco bell and I thought that I would have craving satisfied. However, I almost choked to death because there was a large piece of plastic in one of the Taco Bell burritos. This really frightened me so I decided to call the store to warn them just …

25 January


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