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Name: Taco John's International, Inc.
808 W. 20th Street P.O. Box 1589
United States - 82001

We had ordered food from Taco John's thinking that we could get our hands on a couple of good tacos. However, we did not get good service or the food that we even expected. The ingredients of the tacos alternat…

23 March

I have been coming into Taco John's for quite some time now and I cannot believe the trouble that I have to deal with, with them. I have a very particular order and when I had ordered it the other day, they got…

12 March

I am so annoyed at one of the women who works at a particular Taco John's because I have once worked at this establishment. She did not seem to enjoy her job at all and she just dismissed someone in front of us…

26 February

My family and usually eat at Taco John's from time to time during the month and we have never really encountered crappy service. However, the last time we were there we were famished and we had the displeasure …

14 February

We waited so long for Taco John's because we wanted to get some food for ourselves and our kids back at home. After 20 minutes we finally got our food after being told that the wait time was because of fresh potatoes. We checked our order and the food was cold and we we…

31 January

A member of my family that is barely 12-years-old had to go through the racially inappropriate remarks that a member of the staff blurted in front of us. She's a frail girl in chemotherapy and she doesn't deserve to hear any of the racially profane language aimed at her…

17 January


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