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I do not know what happened to Tagged. It used to be a fun way to interact with people long before the social media giants showed up. However, now it has become a hotbed for disaster with plenty of scammer and …

31 March

I feel as if the platform Tagged is extremely biased towards some of the people that use their platform. For some reason, I found out that my account was deleted out of the blue and I was not too happy with thi…

14 March

There was nothing wrong or lewd with what I was doing on Tagged and they have decided to ban my account for some reason or another when I went live. I think that this absolutely unfair treatment from the people…

28 February

I am a little annoyed at how Tagged works because I had already put in my credit card information and had the money taken out of my account but I still did not get anything from them at all. This was such an annoying experience because they did not grant me the VIP priv…

16 February

I do not understand how my account could have been banned and frozen on Tagged because I did not do anything wrong. The guys over at Tagged have not even offered me a decent explanation, I only request that this matter be reviewed again, explained to me just as a matter…

02 February

I think someone is trying to impersonate me by creating a profile of me on your website. This is insane since I have never even used your website to begin with. I can only imagine the sort of things that they could be compromising with this fake Tagged account. It frigh…

19 January


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