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I have been having a problem with Talbots over the past three years everytime I try to return a discounted item because I will then find out that they will be charging me the full price for the return. I cannot believe this because the only recourse they have is that th…

02 May

I cannot believe that the people who are responsible for the front lines of their stores will give you such a bad look when they see you with a return. This is not an example of good customer service at the end of Talbots. While I was making this return at Talbots, this…

22 April

I have been such a loyal patron of the Talbots chain and I feel as if they do not reward their patrons with anything good at all. I had tried to return this product and the moment the staff member saw me, I got…

18 April

I had specifically and kindly asked the staff over at Talbots if they could do something to steam the coat that I have left with them for a couple of days. In this duration, they could have steamed an entire rack of coats, but when I had gotten mine from them it was sti…

22 March

I was very annoyed the other day when I had brought in a coat to be steamed at Talbots. When I was given the coat back after a couple of days I noticed that there was not steaming done to the coat and it was in…

09 March

After purchasing something from Talbots with the price slashed I had initially thought that they would honor my discount upon check out, which they did not. When I called up a customer service representative th…

26 February

I got an item from Talbots and I thought it was at a discounted price but it really was not when I checked the receipt at home. They told me that I needed to get myself a Talbots membership which I was glad to …

12 February

I had my eyes on these wonderful looking clothes from Talbots that would have been perfect for an event that I was going to be attending. However, when I checked my bank account I figured that they did not go through with the order since it remained unchanged. I had to …

30 January

Talbots probably has a system problem, I ordered clothes from them but the problem is they never arrived. I called to order a few clothes and paid, I checked my bank account and noticed that it was unchanged, when I checked in with them they told me that the clothes I o…

12 January


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