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I get it. I am not supposed to expect the best quality of meat from the people over at Target Brands, but the problem is that I seem to have gotten way less than my lowered expectations from Target Brands. I had to trim off almost three pounds worth of fat in the roast …

2 d

I have been a loyal customer of Target Brands and lately, I noticed that they had an online platform. I have been meaning to try out their service so I placed two orders. The first order that arrived was missin…

11 April

I had a little fiasco with ordered from the Target Brands website. I bought my daughter a couple of things, a toy and some sleeping wear. They both arrived, but they had sent me an empty box of sleep wear. The woman on their customer service seemed to be very nice and i…

19 March

It has been almost two days since I have cancelled my order from Target Brands and they still have not responded to me and the order still has not been cancelled. This is annoying because I really need them to …

06 March

I really want the money that I spend on Target Brands returned to me because I have already cancelled my order with them. It has been such a pain to wait and see if anything is happening because it has almost b…

20 February

I wanted to purchase a particular accessory for my vehicle from Target Brands and take advantage of the sale. I was thinking that I should just get it in another color and just have it exchanged when the color …

07 February

I thought that Target Brands would honor the pricing that they imposed on Black Friday when I called them to inform that I wanted to purchase a particular item of a different color. The rep told me that I did not have to buy the wrong color and do a return, and that the…

25 January


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