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I was very disappointed to find out that my TeeChip order was not what I had hoped it would be when I had purchased it through an ad on Facebook. When the shirt arrived it was not sized for an adult at all but rather for a child. This really annoyed me and I would want …

4 d

I have ordered and purchased a couple of lovely items from TeeChip, but I did not get any confirmation that the purchase was made When I checked my statement from the bank it seemed as if the money was already taken out of my account. I could not find any way of contact…

06 March

I purchased something off of TeeChip and I was so excited in anticipation for it to arrive at the soonest. However, when the package was delivered to me I was perplexed to find that it was not done to the speci…

20 February

I clicked on a TeeChip advertisement on the Internet and I was excited as I wanted to order two for my granddaughters. The delivery came swiftly but I was very disappointed at the sizes they were in. In no way could they possibly fit my granddaughters, I tried searching…

07 February

After ordering something from TeeChip I realize that their service is way too slow for them to be effective at what they do. To make matters worse, I also found out that they might not actually pay attention to your order. I ordered something in a certain color and they…

25 January


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