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Name: The Coca-Cola Company
Mobile: (404) 676-2121
One Coca-Cola Plaza
United States - 30313

I think that The Coca-Cola Company should be informed that one of their drivers was driving in a reckless and aggressive manner. This particular driver was just honking and honking in traffic and proceeded to g…

3 d

I think that The Coca-Cola Company should start checking out and investigating how their vending machine works because for some reason when I had tried to get myself a can of Coke Zero, I was charged three time…

28 February

I want to know if I did something wrong in the application that I have sent to The Coca-Cola Company because I have been wanting to be one of their dealers for such a long time yet I have not received anything …

16 February

I bought a case of 12 oz cans of coke from The Coca-Cola Company and they were all tainted. They all had the consistency and color of finger ale instead of cola and there was this extremely pungent smell emanat…

02 February

The Coca-Cola Company is partnered up with TEE which I know has designs that are really offensive to other people. I do not think that The Coca-Cola Company should even be partnering up with this business because of what they represent. This is such a grave misuse of th…

19 January


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