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Name: Thorntons Inc.
10101 Linn Station Rd #200
United States - 40223

I hate the fact that I saw this sign for discounted gas at the gasoline pump at Thorntons and I thought it was really discounted. I went into the store and prepaid for twenty bucks worth of gas. When I get to t…

20 March

I cannot believe that some cashiers can just be super rude to the people who walk into their stores. The Thorntons cashier that my friend and I had to deal with the other day was the worst. When we entered the …

08 March

This cashier was causing so much drama that I did not know what to do anymore. My children were promised donuts that they were going to throw away anyway and she did not let us get them. I do not know why she w…

22 February

For some reason when I tried to get gas from Thorntons the other day, it was not working and I went inside the store to ask what was going on. They told me that I had to put in money, which I already did but th…

09 February

I think there is a problem with a Thorntons gas pump. This is at a particular location and when I tried to gas up I did the math on how much it would take for me to gas up and things were just not adding up. When I checked my vehicle it was not even registering at a ful…

26 January


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