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I cannot believe how some car companies will now do everything to squeeze every single penny out of you. I had rented a vehicle from Thrifty Rent A Car and I told the representative that there was a bump on the…

19 March

I am very much aware that Thrifty Rent A Car just adds the bill from the tolls to your account after you pass through them. This is very convenient if you ask me and it should not be a problem at all. However, …

06 March

I had rented a car from Thrifty Rent A Car thinking that I could save money from this particular transaction. However, the exact opposite happened as I was charged more money because the representative of Thrif…

21 February

We went on a trip with Thrifty Rent A Car and I was really annoyed because it did not turn out the way I expected it to turn out. They told us that there would be a cleaning fee that was exorbitant if we smoked in the vehicle, so we tried out best not light up in the ca…

08 February

I initially thought that I would save money with Thrifty Rent A Car and I even booked in advance so that I would just pay the remainder in cash when I got there. However, Thrifty Rent A Car seemed to have overcharged me 900 bucks for just insurance. I do not think they …

25 January


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