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I am writing to complain about devious and surprising incident that happened to me when I was getting a flat repaired and some maintenance done to my vehicle over at Tires Plus Total Car Care. I was told that o…

23 March

I started hearing a noise in the back of my luxury SUV and I immediately knew it was something that had to do with the bearings. So I brought my car to a Tires Plus Total Car Care to have it fixed. A few months…

13 March

I have been supporting and patronizing Tires Plus Total Car Care for quite some time now and I have never really had a problem with them since before. However, today was a different day altogether because they …

27 February

I had brought my wife's vehicle to Tires Plus Total Car Care in order to have it fixed up and get some maintenance done on it. However, one day when my wife got back from the grocery store she told me that ther…

15 February

I just took my vehicle out for an oil change after it came out of the body shop for major work from Tires Plus Total Car Care. When they gave me the bill I was very surprised to see that their recommendations to me were the things that I already had previously done. Thi…

31 January

I needed an oil change and some alignment work for my vehicle a couple of weeks ago, so I took it to the shop. I had a leak in my oil pan and I was also told that the leak wasn't major and all I need is to keep…

18 January


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