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I think that you must be messed up on a whole different level to start harassing children that are well behaved and not even yours because this is what I received from a TJX employee when I was shopping there f…

22 March

I am so annoyed at the people who manage and run TJX because I think it is not fair for an elderly senior citizen to be subject to things that are beyond her control. I found that something in their establishment was much more affordable after a few days of buying it so…

09 March

I was surprised to find out that TJX had cancelled my order without any explanation. I thought at the onset that it could have just been a problem or mistake in their system but it turns out it might not have b…

23 February

I am very annoyed at the administration of TJX because they were not even able to get back to me with the security footage when I lost my wallet. I had already filed a police report but they remained very uncooperative with me. To make matters worse, I had asked them to…

12 February

The TJX  was in complete disarray when we visited recently and there was also a tense scene brewing with the manager and employees. The manager that was in charge at TJX  was yelling and screaming at employees to get everything sorted out. This does not seem to ethical …

30 January

I purchased this one jacket from TJX and at the time of purchase, it went on sale so there were two different price tags. Moving forward, I wear the jacket and as I enter the same store, the alarm goes off. Naturally, I asked them to remove the necessary tag but then th…

11 January


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