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Hello, 3 months ago, ı bought a laptop bag of Tommy Hilfiger and all binding started to peel off. I was shame to use it as it looks so worn. ı returned it with my complainant to Boyner (a retailer who sells) an…

08 April

This is Dr O ElSafty. I am writing you cause i'm very upset from The way your management in Egypt is doing things. I'm 56 years old and i have been wearing your brand almost from head to toe for almost 20 years…

16 January

I have a complaint about a store of Tommy in Ankara Kentpark. I bought shoes from this store and have a change card for it. I bought it with a 20% discount because there was a special offer at the time. Then I …

28 December 2017

We have bought a leather lady backpack from one of your Reseller (Boyner a. s.). 2 months later some places of the bag have been deformed. We contacted to Reseller and request change or refund. Reseller sent it…

26 December 2017

Tommy Hilfiger Tshirt has became small with 30 C water in first wash. I called customer care and said that I have no receipt anymore. They did not help me and care the case. But, they can find the product with …

28 August 2017

Last summer, I bought a pair of navy blue espadrilles. But, they turned into burgundy in less than one year. These shoes are not affected by rain, sunlights etc. and also never washed. When I wanted to return them, the company did not accept. I am wondering that Tommy p…

22 August 2017

I purchased a pair of Tommy Hilfiger shoes from Boyner but its tread has been se…

18 August 2017

My Tommy Hilfiger flip flops has withered on their 3rd day and innerside has tur…

14 August 2017

On 11.08.2017, I wanted to return the product which purchased from Tommy Hilfiger Adana M1 shop in 3 hours. It was unpackaged but they did not accept even though they said that I can return it in one day while …

12 August 2017

I bought a bag form the Tommy Hilfiger store which is in the Izmit Outlet Center. The bag that I bought was recent season's product. 4 bottom sides of the bag have peeled off 2 months later. The other parts of …

20 July 2017


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