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I am absolutely livid at the services of TopResume because I feel as if they have deceived me into thinking that I would automatically get some form of employment if I availed of their really expensive services. They had a look at my resume and told me it was not that g…

28 March

I am absolutely livid at TopResume because they are just not worth your time and effort. They sent me my resume back filled with so many typographical errors that you would immediately start to doubt their integrity as a company. Furthermore, their so called added benef…

13 March

I am absolutely flustered and livid with the services of TopResume because I do not find them to be worth the money at all. They have taken so long in performing the revisions that I had required from them and …

27 February

My experience with TopResume has been horrible and their promises of a more effective resume and an increase in the number of resulting interviews seems to be a sham on different levels. I am annoyed because To…

15 February

I recently tried to avail of the services of TopResume and I realized that the work that they did was not worth the money that I paid for. The job that they did was absolutely terrible and I do not even think that it was done in proper English. I really want my money ba…

31 January

Look, I haven't even heard of this website before, but someone told me to try it out and raved about it. She said she got a discount so I thought I could get one as well. For some reason, I got a different disc…

18 January


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