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Name: Trë Belleza
120 Smith Hines Rd
South Carolina
United States - 29607

I was convinced to try out Tru Belleza and I thought that it was a free gift or trial product. However, it turns out that it was all just an elaborate scam to get your credit number so that they could put you o…

02 May

I thought I had really wons something from the people at Tru Belleza, but it was only a subtle attempt to put me on a monthly subscription with them that would cost me hundreds of dollars. I think what they did…

23 April

I had initially agreed to Tru Belleza's offer of paying for shipping as I would be able to get their trial product for free. However, I never got a trial product and it appears that my credit card is being char…

19 April

I want to really make sure that Tru Belleza gets the point that I do not want to be subscribed to them at all. Hence, at this rate they should remove my details and more importantly, my banking details from the…

22 March

I was told that upon finishing this online survey by Tru Belleza, I would avail of the opportunity to get a free product and just pay for shipping. Little did I know that this was a scam in the making. It turns out that Tru Belleza has started charging my account for th…

09 March

I am incredibly irked out and livid with the management of Tru Belleza with the way they have treated my confidential account information. I had only agreed to pay for shipping charges, but when I had checked m…

26 February

I am perplexed at the way Tru Belleza is handling my complaints and I would advise everybody not to do business with them with the way that they conduct transactions. I made an order for one of their products a…

12 February

Do not listen to this company when they say that they have a free trial and you only have to pay Tru Belleza them a shipping fee. I was victim of these corrupt business practices, thinking that I only had to pay Tru Belleza a shipping fee, I sent them money and tried to…

30 January

When did I ever authorize someone to take money out of my account without any prior knowledge. I hope this is an isolated case and not something your company holds dear, and I also want a complete refund and some action done on my behalf. We are talking about hundreds o…

17 January


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