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Name: Trë Belleza
120 Smith Hines Rd
South Carolina
United States - 29607

I was told that upon finishing this online survey by Tru Belleza, I would avail of the opportunity to get a free product and just pay for shipping. Little did I know that this was a scam in the making. It turns out that Tru Belleza has started charging my account for th…

09 March

I am incredibly irked out and livid with the management of Tru Belleza with the way they have treated my confidential account information. I had only agreed to pay for shipping charges, but when I had checked m…

26 February

I am perplexed at the way Tru Belleza is handling my complaints and I would advise everybody not to do business with them with the way that they conduct transactions. I made an order for one of their products a…

12 February

Do not listen to this company when they say that they have a free trial and you only have to pay Tru Belleza them a shipping fee. I was victim of these corrupt business practices, thinking that I only had to pay Tru Belleza a shipping fee, I sent them money and tried to…

30 January

When did I ever authorize someone to take money out of my account without any prior knowledge. I hope this is an isolated case and not something your company holds dear, and I also want a complete refund and some action done on my behalf. We are talking about hundreds o…

17 January


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