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Name: TruGreen Ltd. Partnership
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United States - 38120

I am livid that I spent more than a thousand dollars with a company that does not even do their jobs correctly. I think that if you are planning to do something for your customer you have to do it in full. I di…

3 d

I am a little saddened and disheartened by the service that I received from TruGreen because after they had allegedly taken care of my yard, I have found my yard start to deteriorate. I do not know what went wrong with their service, but it seemed as if my lawn was turn…

28 February

I have been a little perplexed as to why the people over at TruGreen do not fill out the dates for their yellow lawn markers when they place them on your lawn after being done with their maintenance. This has a…

15 February

I am a military man that is deployed in another country doing my duty so I really think that other people should also do their. I availed of the lawn services of TruGreen and found that they did not even provide me with weed control when I got back stateside. Now I cann…

01 February

TruGreen does not seem to honor the things it says it will do for its customers, as proven to me time and time again. They do not give you any warning that they will be coming over and they would expect you to be there. They cause so many problems with the other service…

19 January


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