Name: Massive Media Match NV
Massive Media Match NV, Emile Braunplein 18
Belgium - 9000

Someone opened account using my name and surname and a photo of mine, which was shared on Facebook, without my knowledge. I request authorities to delete this account.

27 August 2017

I signed up for 1 month to Twoo application, its' old name was Netlog, they with…

24 August 2017

I have an account on but I do not know this and Turkcell charged fee from me for the membership. They have not my permission. This is a big haul and Turkcell is a part of this job.

10 July 2017

This website found my e-mail from somewhere and they registered me by themselves without my permission. They notify that they registered my with my e-mail. It's so weird and I'm complaining about this.

08 July 2017

I deleted my account and did not use premimum account for 200 TRY. I'm requesting to refund this amount.

29 June 2017 opened an account on behalf of me without my permission. When I realized, deleted my account but how they can access to my personal data? It's so unrespectful. It was very hard to convert the website Turkish and deleting my account. Please do not use people's p…

15 June 2017

They said that the fee is 18 TRY but charged 80 TRY.

07 June 2017

They charged money without my permission. Please delete my account.

19 May 2017

I have a big trouble because of like many people. They opened an account on behalf of people without their permission and sent messages like we have an account on there. It causes for many domestic problems.

12 May 2017

I could not delete my account. I was a member of Netlog, but now Netlog changed as I cannot log in with my e-mail. It's too absurd. When I search my name on Google, there are my old photos on web. Please, delete this account immediately.

06 May 2017


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