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I thought I made it perfectly clear to the manager of U-Haul that I needed an extension on the rental of the truck that I had gotten from their service. However, I feel as if I was lost in translation somehow because a few days later, when I had thought they had given m…

12 March

I was told by U-Haul via written documentation that I would receive my box on time, but that was not the case because it was shipped to the wrong location. To add insult to injury, I was annoyed because they had also told me that they would pay me fifty dollars for each…

26 February

My husband and I are very annoyed at how U-Haul handled our request for climate controlled storage facilities for the things that we wanted in storage. We had travelled from one place to another and when we had…

13 February

U-Haul has wrecked my moving schedule with their poor service. I had already pre booked online for a moving truck along with the staple of moving supplies that you usually use to move. I get an email from U-Haul  saying that I actually have to pick my truck up which is …

31 January

U-Haul seriously has a problem with their customer service and their service in general. First, you have to submit a photo of yourself and it has to match your driver's license, I had to send my photo twice and on the second time for a new photo, I felt annoyed when the…

16 January


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