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Uber Turkey drivers starts to turn into classic Turkish drivers. Last night, driver didn't like the destination i wanted to go after accepting my call and tried to make me to cancel the call. He told me that "i…

10 March

They charge higher amount than agreed. Drivers dont know how to use Gps in front of them and asking me how to go. It was my 6th-7th time to use Uber but this is getting worse now because I cannot trust how much money you will charge at the end. Briefly, It is not profes…

18 February

Till this time I have driven with Only gentle drivers. Yesterday driver at 19:34 whose name is Enver was so bad. I called him to ask the situation of traffic. He started to shout at me. He said sure there was t…

15 February

Uber doesn't care at all. How can it say "20 minutes" for UberEats and now it's been 40 minutes regardless they "prepping it up", does it really takes 40 minutes to get ready McDonald's?

09 January

I've used Uber for the first time. It seems to cheaper than a cab. Distance between Beylikduzu-Bakirkoy was 59 TL. I called an Uber before Eid and Istanbul was not busy much, they withdrew 189 TL. I objected, but they told that taximeter showed this fee and they had to …

05 September 2017

I've forgotten my phone in Uber, its' plate is 34**2. I called him but he suspended my call, I can't reach him. I don't know what to do. If Uber knows this situation, please make me an explanation.

25 August 2017

I've called an Uber to Mahmutbey. I was going to Bagcilar from Mahmutbey and normally taximeter shows 15-16 TL. I arrived to destination and saw that taximeter was closed. I get off the Uber, because I was in hurry, I saw later that the driver withdrew 40 TL. I've paid …

22 August 2017

I've used Uber on August 14, 2017 and I've been using it for nearly every day. I've called Uber to go to work. I entered the address, which was Esentepe district, Koresehitleri Sisli, however, the drive chose the Esentepe district, Gocmen Houses, Sultangazi and started …

20 August 2017

I can't use promotion codes that I had during the trip planning or in the same day or different hours.

15 August 2017

Uber driver couldn't find the Dumankaya Ikon's place on the map and we went from different places to reach there. Uber took 4 times extra payment, although the distance I went was too close. They didn't make a feedback too. I looked to the Google Maps and Yandex and bot…

27 July 2017


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