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We joined the Unlimited Vacation Club and it seemed to have been the worst travel-related decision that we have ever made in our lives. There have been so many complaints about the way that these guys operate a…

23 March

Imagine our surprise when we had gotten home and found out that the salesman from Unlimited Vacation Club was just after our money and not even offering us a proper product. We were told something by this sleaz…

12 March

We had already paid for the Unlimited Vacation Club and when we tried to cancel just a couple of days later, the representative who sold the package to us could not be reached at all. We had found out that the Unlimited Vacation Club does not save you any money at all w…

27 February

The Unlimited Vacation Club is a waste of time and money and I advise everyone not to bother with it. What really irks me about the guys who sell these packages is that they will do everything in their power to…

15 February

I think that the Unlimited Vacation Club is actually a scam because we are being forced to pay very exorbitant rates on things we do not even use. I have already tried opting out of the Unlimited Vacation Club  but the manager that I was talking to did not seem to want …

31 January

The travel club or vacation club or whatever you may call it is a scam for many reasons. Everything that they promise is a lie and I do not know why we even bought into their whole fake service, they have faile…

17 January


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