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I was supposed to receive some money from my business contacts in Nigeria, but for some reason I have not received anything at all. It really annoyed me that it was taking a long time and they could not send me the money that I have been waiting for. I had already shipp…

1 d

I do not know if US Bank's overdraft protection and overdraft facility is the same thing because we have been charged an amount of money that we did not like at all. We were told that it was because of overdraf…

13 April

I was so annoyed at a customer service representative of US Bank because I felt as if she was very rude to me, even implying that I was a difficult customer to deal with. I do not believe this was the case at a…

19 March

I had permission from my wife, which was very explicit and as clear that I could handle communications from her but the representative from US Bank insisted to ignore me over the phone and just block me out. Yo…

08 March

I am surprised at how US Bank has been handling my requests for them to fix the fraudulent problem that I have been having on one of my checking accounts. In the past, US Bank has been very helpful and prompt a…

21 February

I do not understand why it takes US Bank so many tries before they get anything right for me. I am a military veteran that is trying his best to have a better life and credit score for his kids. Yet, US Bank makes it so difficult. I wait for months on end with my money …

08 February

US Bank has really terrible customer service representatives. When I called in with a concern, one of their staff members just argued with me without giving me a solution. She was not even cordial with the whol…

26 January


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