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Name: The Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company
P.O. BOX 15648
United States - 79105-5648

A dear family member of mine passed away and I still have not been able to get anything out of the claims that I am supposed to be receiving from VALIC. It has been such a harrowing experience having to deal with a loss and the indecency of a company refusing to disclos…

22 March

Do you know how difficult it is to grieve and still have to manage the estate of a loved one? I had a VALIC customer service employee let me go through so much trouble just to get my questions answers. I do wan…

12 March

I would advise people that have a retirement account with VALIC to just look for another provider altogether because the services that this company provides are terrible at best. When I tried to inquire about a loan one customer service representative told me something …

26 February

I am over the age of 55 and I have been having so many problems with the folks over at VALIC because of the way they are handling my paperwork. They want so many things filed in one sheet, although I gave them …

12 February

I tried investing with VALIC but it turns out that their customer service is horrible, when you try to withdraw your money they will make you go around in circles and make it extremely difficult for you. this reminds of other investments that have gone bad in the past. …

30 January

One of your reps called me but I missed it so I called again. Unfortunately, I had answered incorrectly when it came to my security question so I opted to try it via the internet. Upon doing so, I learned I needed an access code so I called back. To my dismay, that one …

17 January


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