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Name: Venus Fashion, Inc.
11711 Marco Beach Drive
United States - 32224

If I were I would not buy from Venus Fashion at all because their products are made with really poor quality and instead of dresses you get things delivered to you that look like they used to be curtains or som…

23 March

I made such a large purchase at Venus Fashion and to my surprise they told me they were going to send me a gift card worth fifty dollars. When I finally received my delivery from them. I got nothing at all and …

13 March

I will not stand for a company that does not seem to double check their processes. I had recently purchased a few items from Venus Fashion and I was so annoyed to find out that one of the shirts was damaged. Wh…

27 February

I find it absolutely unreasonable that Venus Fashion customer service representative could provide me with absolutely no explanation as to why large order was not completed at a timely manner. I ordered five it…

15 February

I recently bought a couple of items from Venus Fashion about two months ago I realized that they did not fit me as well as I had hoped. This prompted me to return them back to Venus Fashion, I followed every thing that they stipulated on their instructions and now after…

31 January

This online vendor got me hooked on giving people a chance. I did check on their size charts before purchasing anything, but the items would always be either smaller or larger than what you expect. Patronizing …

18 January


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