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I do not know what else to do with Verizon Communications because their service has officially gone down the drain. When fios became available in our areas, we were some of the first adopters that decided to sw…

15 March

I have been a customer of Verizon Communications for quite some time now and I have been so annoyed at how they run everything from their end. I cannot believe that they would just choose to ignore me and make …

01 March

Verizon Communications I do not know if you know that your marketing efforts also seem to represent the rest of the community that avails of your products, and late the commercials that you have been airing are…

16 February

When our Internet went out, we contacted out Internet provider Verizon Communications Verizon to help us out, but they were not really helpful, we ran all the basic troubleshooting and at the end of it all. My …

02 February

I bought two items from one of your branches in California. I had spent over a thousand bucks in Verizon Wireless and so the salesperson informs me that I get a freebie for my purchases. At the time, I was told…

22 January


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