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Name: Viator, Inc.
649 Mission St Fl 5
San Francisco
United States - 94105-4128

We were on what was supposed to be a well-deserved vacation when we started encountering so many problems with Viator. We received multiple emails with regard to this and they kept changing our times. We practi…

22 March

We paid a premium to Viator in order to have a specific helicopter ride at night but when we got to the heliport we found that they did not honor this booking and we were not allowed to do it at night. We were all a little disappointed with Viator due to this fiasco and…

09 March

I was charged twice by Viator for the same tour that I was on even though the tour did not even cover something because it was a Sunday and the places that were supposed to be inclusive were currently closed. A…

23 February

I am terribly annoyed at what happened to my transfer that I tried to book through Viator. When I actually tried to look for my transfer it was not there, I had to go around and around in order to find someone who knew what I was talking about. At the end of the day I h…

12 February

We booked at tour with Viator which turned out to be something that was hastily planned that we even felt endangered at one point. the car that picked us up was nothing like what we were expecting and we did not get visit the sites as stipulated in our itinerary. Viator…

30 January

I feel like my latest trip to Peru was not at all worth the money paid and the expectation that was built around it. I would want to know who I could complain to and ask a partial refund from as I felt dissatis…

12 January


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