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I think that it is just part of good customer service that you pay close attention to the needs of your customers. In the likely event that they need a refund and you will grant them that, give it to them immed…

11 April

My husband had a major medical emergency when we were vacationing with Viking River Cruises and as a result we were not able to finish the trip. We did not board the boat again and we were just working with our…

19 March

I had such a horrible experience with Viking River Cruises when my husband and I decided to spend our honeymoon with them. I do not think that is worth the money at all. We spent for the thermal bath option but…

06 March

Do not fall for everything that Viking River Cruises throws at you because most it isn't true. When we took a cruise with them expecting particular attractions we were surprised to find out that the festivities…

20 February

I really wanted to apply for a position in Viking River Cruises but the experience that I had with their recruitment process made me think otherwise. First of all, I had already submitted all the necessary requ…

07 February

Just to be clear we have been customers of Viking River Cruises for quite some time now and it is apparent that there is a problem with their service as of late. We have spent so much money with them and we cannot believe the treatment we have received lately. I realize…

25 January


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