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I bought Vileda cleaning set from Koctas 4 years ago and its' pedal is not working and didn't wring. I returned it and they gave me a new one, but I faced with the same problem again. I bought a new one, becaus…

25 August 2017

I bought Vileda Turbo 3 days ago, but I'm dissatisfied; it doesn't wring properly, as if pedal is not working. I couldn't use it, because pedal doesn't wring. It's a very expensive cleaner, but it has poor qual…

23 August 2017

I bought Vileda Turbo 2 times and both of them is broken, I won't prefer this brand again, I waste my money. All of my friends complains about the same problem. I request Vileda to inform us about it and recove…

16 August 2017

I'm not happy with Vileda cleaning products. Cloths and other supplies weren't good. I bought a lot of money and I'm dissatisfied, this situation really annoys me.

11 August 2017

The red part of the handle of the Vileda Turbo Cleaner is broken, which I bought from the Gittigidiyor. I'm suspected about Vileda products' quality, because I gave 75 TL for it and faced with a problem like th…

07 August 2017

Vileda Easy Wring&Clean stick's upper side has broken and I couldn't find a new one at anywhere.

21 July 2017

Vileda Bucket's pedal didn't work in short time. Squeezing part doesn't turn. I even didn't use it much and I gave lots of money, but look what happened. I'm waiting for a solution urgently.

18 July 2017

I was very happy with the Vileda turbo product. I bought them hundreds of times and each of their wring pedal was broken. I'm asking from the Vileda company to help.

05 July 2017

I bought a set with pedal and I broke the handle. I wrote to the company and they asked me to send the handle part and I did, but no one has returned. I want an answer.

20 June 2017

Vileda cleaning set's pedal was broken. It doesn't make sense although I didn't use it much. Could you help me?

16 June 2017


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