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Name: Vinted Inc.
535 Mission St, 14th floor
San Francisco
United States - 94105

I am absolutely livid that nobody from the Vinted customer services team can actually help me with locating the package that has still not been delivered to me. I mean how hard can it be when I have sent so man…

20 March

I had sold a pair of footwear that were new and in perfect working condition on Vinted to a buyer who I thought would appreciate them. This particular buyer then proceeded to complain to Vinted and she was given a quick refund because of the pictures of the boots being …

08 March

I think that one of the worst stores to ever come up is Vinted because the things that they sell are made out of poor quality craftsmanship. However, that's not the only problem that I have been having with thi…

21 February

I just started using Vinted and I thought it would be a great way for me to start selling items and make a decent profit out of my little enterprise. Here's a problem, that's made me want to leave their platform at the soonest, they just deleted a photo of my product wi…

09 February

I would not recommend Vinted to anyone because of the quality of their products. I do not know what kind of cost cutting measure they have in place but they produce items that cannot be used due to their build quality. In addition, I would not also recommend trying to c…

26 January


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