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I am advising everyone not to fall for the trap that has been set by the Vitatrade Group. They are just here to steal your bank information and then steal your money afterwards. I was told that I only needed to…

22 March

I want to warn everyone about the people over at Vitatrade Group because the way they do business is a little scary if you ask me. I had already bought and purchased something from them, but nothing was ever de…

12 March

Stay clear of companies such as the Vitatrade Group which try to lure you with free samples where you only have to pay for postage or shipping. They attempt to take your credit card or banking information in or…

26 February

Vitatrade Group has found the wrong person to mess with because I am well connected and I will not stop anything to expose the real truth to the world. I cannot let you guys get away with the scam that you guys…

12 February

Do not sign up to Vitatrade Group even if they offer you a free trial because at the end of the day they will keep charging your account without your consent. I do not understand how companies like Vitatrade Group still continue to exist despite these fraudulent and cor…

30 January

This is so horrible. You guys keep sending me your products even though I have tried time and time again to give them back to you or to stop the service. Does it give you great joy to charge me for things I do …

17 January


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