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Never have I ever had to deal with employees that have been more inconsiderate, rude and in exhibition of disgusting behavior in front of their customers, than when I have to deal with the people over at Vons. It has gotten to the point that I am more than willing to le…

28 March

I don't think that I will ever use the grocery delivery of Vons ever again because they basically just wrecked everything for me from the very start. I am so annoyed at them because I feel as if they do not eve…

13 March

I am not complaining and I do believe that mistake can happen. I am also not asking for a refund or any form of reimbursement. One of the batches of cookies that we had bought from Vons has seemed to have gone bad. This is because one of the flavors in the sampler that …

27 February

I cannot believe the people over at Vons and the way that they treat their customers. At on point during the ensuing confrontation a retired military man jumped in to help us out. They were so rude and inconsiderate towards our plight when we were just trying to complai…

15 February

I was very hungry so I decided to head to a Vons to grab a quick sandwich but then the experience that I had with the sandwich technician was one of the worse. He was very rude and he did not seem to want to accommodate anything that I asked for. At this rate I do not e…

31 January

They are selling a one dollar item and when I managed to get to the cashier they told me that they were not selling the product. So, wait a minute, are you seriously telling me that you would stock an item but refuse to sell it? Is this a joke? Could someone else have p…

18 January


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